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Custom Pencils Personalized With your Imprint

Whether an office space needs a bit of personality, or an organization needs a way to spread its name around, there are few options that can fulfill all of the above needs more efficiently than promotional custom pencils.

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40 Item(s)
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Personalized pencils are some of the most popular giveaways you should try. They are very affordable, but are also very effective for many reasons. 

Personalized Pencils

Get your sketch on, people! Pencils are great for sketching, taking notes, blue prints, and basically most anything you need to write down. When you put that practicality in tandem with personalized logos and details, you get a winning combination of both promotional skill and user-friendliness. Promotional pencils allow your consumers to jot down all their ‘To-Do’ lists and quick reminders they need to help get them through their days, while also providing a small glimpse into your business and events. By using custom pencils bulk ordered, you will be able to serve your consumers and event attendees a trusted writing tool for whatever list they need to make next.

Cheap Custom pencils

Cheap custom pencils are a top promotional strategy effective enough to spread the word about most any business or event. When we put your logo and brand on our personalized pencils, you can be assured that they will help promote higher visibility for your brand when your consumers put them to use. Pen Factory’s broad selection of styles and colors of personalized pencils, carpenter pencils equips you with the options of keeping your promotional materials varied and making them highly noticeable at the fingertips of their users.

While we live in a highly technical society, full of moment to moment modern technological advancements, the traditional likes of the pencil are still going strong. They are a bit like your closest friend. Pencils are consistently there when you need them and remain sturdy, strong, and practical for your projects. These pals are so strong in fact, that they have withstood the turn of the times without being rendered obsolete by modern technology. Using a standard No. 2 graphite and wooden personalized pencils gives a nod to keeping things simple.

Not much for the old ‘sharpen and print’ method? Fear not, mechanically inclined friends. At Pen Factory, we will get your gifts and giveaways hooked up with our myriad of custom mechanical pencils. Promotional mechanical pencils are a cool hybrid of both old and new aspects and work to incorporate pieces of the modern technological world by offering consumers a way to re-use their best personalized pencils. With the addition of logo mechanical pencils to your event giveaways and party prizes, you will be embracing one of the most effective ‘old school meets new school’ tributes the promotional writing tool world has to offer. This is definitely what we like to consider the best of both worlds!

Promoting your cause with pencils from Pen Factory is an affordable option to keep your writing tool game healthy.  You can expect your custom pencils in bulk to aid in keeping both your budget and marketing materials on point. Whether your consumers and event guests are looking to trace their way through a maze or crossword puzzle or take notes at the office, make sure they have a unique way to stay on track. Pen Factory’s promotional customized pencils selection will keep you in the know and give your consumers what they need to take your details with them on their travels.