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Custom Bags and Backpacks

An excellent option to give as corporate giveaways to valued clients and to your staff is PenFactory.com’s custom bags. These are useful for organizing and carrying things for the owner’s convenience. Because men and women are usually seen sporting backpacks or carryalls as part of their outfit bags also make an effective marketing tool.

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PenFactor.com customizes backpacks, totes, and duffels for business or individual purposes. Groceries and retail stores may benefit from custom bags, particularly totes. By giving away totes, you are communicating three messages to your consumers. First, you care about their comfort and you would like them to conveniently carry things around when they shop from your store.

Second, you care about the environment, because you do not always have to use paper as packaging. Third, you are proud of your company and your brand. With these totes displaying your logo, your customers will serve as walking ads of your company.

Duffels and backpacks are great to distribute to organizations and schools that use these frequently. Schools can achieve uniformity by requiring students to use one type of backpack with their logo. This also helps instill a sense of pride in students who would be proud to let others know that they belong to a particular school or organization through these custom bags. In a similar way, companies can also give these to their staff. The staff can bring these sporty duffels and backpacks to the gym or during business trips and company outings.

Aside from being a marketing tool, custom bags may also be given as personal gifts on special occasions like birthdays or Christmas. They can also be given as souvenirs for birthday parties or corporate events. Events like exhibits or trade fairs may benefit from distributing tote bags, which can also contain giveaways from the event sponsors.

The tote may bear the organizer’s logo and event name. This helps spread the word about the event as well as your company.PenFactory.com offers free shipping within continental United States for orders over $100. Before production, you can check virtual proofs to ensure that your requests were followed according to your specifications. See our luggage collection today.