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Full color promotional pens and personalized products

Full color promotional pens and personalized products
printed led flashlight pens
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Personalized Promotional Pens - Custom Pencils - Huge Savings.
Order in bulk and start promoting your business today.

Buy personalized pens and promotional pencils direct from the factory and save now!
Cheap prices and fast shipping!

Pen Factory is the perfect place for corporate, holiday and school events! We stock a wide variety of long lasting promotional products for all of your event needs. We're known for using state of the art technology to create dynamic pens, pencils, bags and mugs! Our products look fantastic and can help your spread a message through your community. They are a highly efficient form of advertising and community building, allowing you to raise awareness without breaking your budget.

Select pens that feature either soft or curved grips, full color clips or retractable styluses and calendars. We're committed to helping our customers finding their perfect logo pens, pencils and other custom promotional products. Customizing your order is quick and easy, and you can design the perfect item for you in minutes while shopping online. No need to stress out over this simple process!

We also have a large selection of products available to ship within 24 hours. Don't settle for less than the best when you're caught in a time crunch. Find the pens that fit all your event needs and place an order today. We are dedicated to bringing top quality customer service to ensure all of your needs are met to satisfaction.

Standard writing utensils can be found at almost any retailer or office supply store, but there is nothing quite like personalized pens. Adding a bit of personality to common office supplies can be a great way to brighten up an office, classroom, or cubicle. Pen Factory provides made-to-order promotional pens, cups, key chains, bags, and tools. With a variety of special deals and 24-hour shipping, Pen Factory strives to be a convenient and reliable source for these items.


When it comes to stationery supplies, most retailers offer fixed prices, as more generic brands rarely prompt special interest from customers. However, the custom items at Pen Factory are often placed on sale to give customers a better chance of getting a good deal. Pen Factory offers a variety of deals with new offers presented every week. Certain orders qualify for free shipping, and some the items are made in the USA. Pens, pencils, key chains, drinkware, tools, and more are offered at reduced prices periodically, allowing those who are contemplating getting a personalized item to buy them at opportune times and enjoy lower prices.


A wide array of styles, models, and designs of products are available. The Hook Pen, The Quest Pen, and The Write Mate are all models that can be personalized to customer specifications. A broad collection of products are available and ready to be custom made to customer specifications.

Great For Gifts or Businesses

Personalized pens and other types of customized items make for great gifts in almost any situation. They add a bit of personal appeal to an item and can show the recipient they are special. Promotional pens and supplies can be great for businesses, non-profit organizations, and other groups that are looking to spread their name.


Pen Factory has worked with a variety of prominent organizations including Lowe’s, Verizon, UPS, and many more. As a top choice for large companies who need personalized items to help popularize their brand name, the organization strives to provide high standards of quality to all customers at reasonable prices.


We take pride in helping you promote your business or organization. Check out some of our great articles we've written to help inspire you.