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Using Personalized Pencils – A Variety of Applications!

Despite the proliferation and advances of technology, personalized pencils are still an important advertising and promotional tool. From schools to nonprofits to corporations, these earth-friendly, low-tech devices remain a necessity in people’s lives. Below are just a few of the many different ways personalized pencils continue to serve people’s needs—and promote your business or organization at the same time.


If you’ve got children, chances are you’ve seen your share of personalized pencils. They show up as awards for attendance, behavior, citizenship, honor, and banner roll and fundraiser sales. Principals also like to use them as birthday gifts. They’re very handy when standardized testing time rolls around, and a good supply of sharpened pencils is required. Piano, guitar, voice and other music teachers continue to use personalized pencils to make notations, and use them as gifts, too. You’ll also see them in public and university libraries and computing centers.


Nonprofit organizations and churches use personalized pencils at a variety of fundraisers, and outreach and awareness activities. They’re present in collection plates, at choir rehearsals, golf tournaments and women’s health workshops. Information booths at festivals and other events necessitate pencils to complete entry slips for drawings that generate mailing lists. Art galleries offering classes can always use a good supply of personalized pencils for students to draw with. They also make an ideal tool to increase awareness about the gallery’s location, website, contact information and future openings. In addition, supporters need personalized pencils to mark preferences on their programs at fundraising auctions.


Personalized pencils have long been a tool in corporate advertising and public relations strategies. Newspaper columnists have been known to give them out as reader participation incentives. Customized carpenter pencils are practical promotional methods for construction contractors and their suppliers, including home improvement centers, lumber yards and wholesale landscapers. Engineers, draftsmen, accountants and other white collar professionals would be more likely to use the sleek look and small gauge lead of customized mechanical pencils. Whatever you choose, you can find the perfect personalized pencils here at Pen Factory.

Governments and Politics

Customized pencils have enjoyed a lengthy career in government and politics. Prospective and elected public officials, of course, hand them out to keep their names in front of voters. Governments use them to promote and reward voter participation in elections.

If you need to spread the word, personalized pencils can help you do it!