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Reinforce Your Brand Message With Scent

Does your company want a memorable and unique way to stand out from competitors? Scented promotional pens are the perfect way to reinforce your brand message. Pleasant smells are often linked to pleasant memories and emotions, with the ability to smell being one of our strongest senses. It’s like getting a whiff of a nearby vanilla candle and remembering how your Grandmother used to make vanilla cupcakes for your birthday - warm and fuzzy feelings included.

Your brand can capitalize on the power of scent by using scented pens as promotions and advertisements. Promotional objects on their own do a great job of increasing brand recognition and reputation. People feel happy when they get something useful for free, and that happiness will be associated with your business. Now add pleasant and nostalgic smells to the mix, and customers will associate the smells of your scented custom ink pens with their previously pleasant experiences tied to similar smells, and inevitably begin to partner those delightful feelings with your brand.

Aromas aren’t only useful for establishing emotional association, but they can significantly aid in brand recall. With the use of scented pens, customers will associate pleasant feelings with your brand, and begin to associate your brand with a scent. It is a unique way to set your company apart from others, and capitalize on advertising rooted in the biology of humans. When your potential customer smells the same scent used in your pens, they will be reminded of your brand.

While using scent as a form of brand recognition, it is important not to go overboard. No one wants to be bombarded with strong or competing smells. This is why scented pens are the perfect opportunity to subtly incorporate aromas into your marketing strategy.

Scent/brand recognition is something that many businesses are able to naturally capitalize on. Food services, perfumeries, etc. are all well associated with their respective scents, but this is often a missed opportunity in the business world. The unexpected tactic of reinforcing your brand message with scent is sure to leave its mark on your potential customers!