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Scented Pens

SNIFTY® scented pens. The scent is embedded in the tip and grip of this custom pen to create a Lasing Impression!

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Scented Pens

Snifty® scented pens are a truly nifty way to make an impression. Available in eight unique scents and two distinctive styles, Snifty® pens start at just 75 cents a piece. Furthermore, you can add your own text and artwork for no extra charge. Your school mascot, company logo, or organization emblem will look—and smell—on one of these affordable pens.

The scent in each Snifty® pen is embedded in its tip and soft grip. You can purchase a custom scented pen in the following aromas:

Fruit Punch
Vanilla Cup Cake
Chocolate Chip Cookie

Each scent is sure to delight whomever is using these pens. Fruit scents are great for produce stands, farmers markets, or grocery stores. Vanilla Cup Cake, Coffee, and Chocolate Chip Cookie scented pens are great for bakeries and coffee shops. Customers are sure to come back when they smell your pens.

Of course, these scents are great for any business or organization, not just those listed above. Kids are sure to enjoy all Snifty® scents, making these pens great for school fundraisers or other events.

All of the Snifty® scents are also available in a designer style, which features a graphic representing the scent right on the pen. For example, the strawberry designer pen features a field of strawberries growing around your custom text and artwork. These designer custom pens make great promotional items, especially considering their low price. Designer styles start at only 83 cents a pen.

You can also customize each scented pen to represent your business, school, or organization. All eight scented Snifty® pens feature a colored grip and trim, so you can choose a color to suit your needs. Colors available are pink, green, red, orange, blue and brown. We have six great fonts to choose from, and you can upload your own graphic or artwork to accompany your text. Fonts include classics like Helvetica and Times New Roman, as well as fun fonts like Comic Sans. You can also choose the color for your text, and give us any special instructions regarding how you want your text and artwork arranged.