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Give Back to Your Community: Donate School Supplies!

Students and teachers across the country are often finding themselves in need of school supplies. Your company can step up to help facilitate their learning by contributing school supplies. Donating promotional pencils to local schools not only gives back to your community, but also helps increase brand awareness and reputation at the same time! The favorable image your company reinforces when you choose to help support education is one that your customers are likely to embrace and remember.

Giving back to your community will help current and future customers reciprocate the loyalty and open lines of communication they felt as a result of your company’s act of good will. Concerns about a lack of quality school supplies weighs heavily on the community. The simple donation of supplies or imprinted pens with intentions of helping your local schools will stand out in the minds of parents and educators alike. These are people who are full of potential as future customers for your business. Supporting their children’s education will go a long way in establishing your company as one that goes beyond impersonal consumerism. When people feel that a company cares, they are much more likely to be receptive to future advertising and increase brand loyalty.

If your company wants to help support education and give back to the community, while increasing brand exposure and reputation, you should seriously consider how donating promotional school supplies can help.

Here are some online sites that can help:


Also check your local schools, churches or city governments for areas to donate school supplies. And don’t forget it’s usually tax deductible!