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Exceptional Design in Many of the Cheapest Promotional Pens

There are many uses for promotional items, but budget can often play a role in determining the type of item you will choose. Pens and pencils are among the most commonly chosen tools for broadcasting your business name or slogan, but you may wonder about selecting the cheapest promotional pens. With a good source, though, some of the least expensive designs are actually quite attractive, and we pride ourselves on providing just this at Pen Factory.

One of the most attractive choices from the selection of cheapest promotional pens is the Icer. A simple black ink pen, the retractable design is encased in colorful frosted plastic, imprinted with a logo or slogan. Color catches the attention of the recipient of such a pen while the logo reminds that person of the source. This is an excellent value in advertising, but serves equally well in fundraising. Many public schools offer branded pens and pencils in student stores, and with the cheapest promotional pens being used, a decent profit can be made while encouraging school loyalty.

Unusual designs are great for catching the attention of those you are interested in reaching. The Write Mate pen is a colorful three inch model with a chain at the end. This is a nice choice for active individuals in industries and activities that involve a lot of mobility. Advertising a fitness club, a construction company, or an auto dealership, this design attaches easily to a key chain. The unusual design, of course, is sufficient to draw the attention of those receiving these pens, and it won’t matter to them that these are among the cheapest promotional pens available.

Gel pens are very popular among both academic and professional communities, and a simple colorful casing in a black ink gel pen is a bright and attention getting option. A sleek design that isn’t bulky will appeal to those that use such pens frequently, and while luxury is often associated with gel pen pricing, these models are some of the most affordable. The message to clients is one of appreciation, while the effect on your budget is minimal. When you explore the cheapest promotional pens, you will find that the message carried through style and design is often anything but cheap.