Small Business Saturday is here again! Coming on the heels of major sales and Black Friday shopping at big-box retailers, this special day is dedicated to hardworking small business owners and everything they do for their communities. It’d be a shame to forget about you!

As a business owner, make sure you take full advantage of this day with special offers and promotions that help people see the true value of your business. This is your perfect opportunity to remind customers why it’s better to shop small. Here’s how you can do it.

Emphasize the reality that small businesses are more personal. Your smaller size allows you to get to know your customers well. Whether it’s the regulars at your coffee shop, someone who comes into your pharmacy once a month, or the customer who visits your bakery annually for a birthday cake, you’re able to build relationships with the people who support you. Some of your customers might even start to feel like family, and that closeness helps you to provide excellent customer service every time. Because you’ve been able to build such great relationships, you can personalize your marketing campaigns with custom products and popular promotional items that truly speak to them. Check out our wide selection of standout fall items, for giveaway ideas that make an impact on Small Business Saturday or any day. Adding that personal touch can remind customers why they love doing business with you.

Remind them that you benefit the community. There’s no denying that small businesses help local communities thrive, so make sure your customers know it. Shopping locally helps to provide jobs within the community and it feeds the local economy too. Encourage customers to keep supporting small businesses like yours by gifting them with popular items such as custom drinkware to show your appreciation. You can even use personalized pens or pencils to show that thinking small can be a very good thing.

Highlight your expertise. We know one of the benefits of shopping small is the knowledge that comes with the owners and employees who’ve dedicated their lives to a certain industry. Whether it’s hardware, skincare, clothing or handmade trinkets, you know your stuff. You likely know it better than some of the associates in a chain retailer. Continue to give your customers the confidence they need to shop with you by continuing to offer the information and insight they may not be able to get anywhere else. With a useful corporate gift like a wall calendar that represents your business industry, you’ll remind them of your expertise each and every day.

Show off your unique and diverse inventory. Some people may think small business has less to offer—but you know that’s not true. Often times, small businesses have a more diverse offering full of unique items that customers would be delighted to find. Keep them aware of all the great things you have in store with fun custom promotional items that keep your business name top of mind.

You can use this Small Business Saturday to remind customers of these points and of all the other things that make your business special. Take to your social media accounts and tell everyone to #ShopSmall. Use cheap promotional products to help spread the message and drive end-of-year sales. We have the perfect custom imprinted ideas for today and any other holiday.