As November is Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month, Pen Factory is here to get you set up with plenty of supreme promotional products to help you and your guests celebrate and honor the cause. Whether you are planning or hosting a fundraiser, dance, or festival, our promotional items are fit to help you display most any message. Pen Factory's Alzheimer awareness pens, pencils, drinkware, and gadgets are apt to help you raise recognition for your event while helping to educate your guests about the disease.

Writing tool giveaways to promote awareness

If you're planning and/or hosting an Alzheimer's Awareness event (like a fundraiser or a walkathon), get the goods to hand out at your event from Pen Factory. Promotional pen and pencil giveaways are an old standby, as they are effective at promoting events both before and during the events themselves. Turn your custom pens and pencils into custom imprinted writing tools by giving us specific names, logos, dates, and messages to add to your items. This customization caters the writing tools to your event, giving off whatever creative personal touch you wish to showcase. Give out your pen and pencil sets to guests as thoughtful memorabilia from your event.

Drinkware and gadget giveaways for your Alzheimer’s disease events

There is always some gadget or tool that will draw in crowds and guests, so why not make your event the one where they can get their hands on their next gizmos? Products like our clock pens, personalized tape measurers, and magnetic clips offer guests a way to pay tribute to a good cause while going about their daily routines. Drinkware is another superior option to give to guests as they join your event. Sports water bottles and tumblers can easily transition from your event to their busy schedules and make for smart giveaways your event attendees can use time and time again. Inscribe these with Alzheimer’s disease facts or personal inspirational messages to incorporate a worthy sentiment from your event.

Raising recognition for Alzheimer's this month and all year long will be simpler than ever with Pen Factory's promotional items. We offer our extensive range of high quality products ready to be customized for your next Alzheimer's Awareness event at low prices, to ensure that you can purchase them in bulk. Pen Factory is ready to help you customize your next event to show your support and awareness around Alzheimer’s disease, so put your planning hats on and get to shopping!