promotional ideas for your next fundraiser

Promoting your next fundraiser with custom products like drinkware, gadgets, multifunctional pens, specialty pencils, and notepads, will help increase interest and participation by engaging guests before and during your event.

Your promotional product choices are most effective to promote your event and engage participants when used prior to your fundraiser, as well as during the course of the event, because they serve as constant reminders of the event at hand.

Using promotional swag will help to pique the interest of your participants, create higher visibility for your cause, and create lasting impressions for participants to keep them interested in your further events.

Fundraiser organizing will be anything but plain with the right mix of custom promotional swag. But just how do you choose what products to use?

One tip to keep in mind when deciding on what products to use at your fundraiser is to choose promotional swag that is both creative and practical.

This means, select products that guests will either be able to use at the event or in their daily routine, yet are still unique enough to make everyone take notice.

When it comes to any event, practicality helps win big with promotional giveaways, prizes, and décor. To figure out what type of promotional products to have on tap at your fundraiser, brainstorm the cause for which you’re fundraising, who will be attending, and what items you think your participants may enjoy. For example, if you’re hosting a fundraiser surrounding a health related cause, think about using promotional sport bottles to help further promote healthy lifestyles. Here are five product options to consider when choosing what promotional swag to use to market your fundraiser.

1)      Drinkware

Custom printed drinkware items are effective promotional tools to use at your next fundraiser because of their versatility and user friendly set up. Drinkware is prime space for custom messages and slogans, making it one of the simplest ways to make a bold statement. Products like stainless steel tumblers are a great option to give away as event prizes, while plastic cups make for fun options to set around filled with other items as part of your fundraising décor.


2)      Gadgets

Give away the gift of gadgets to promote your fundraiser in a refreshingly unique way. Promotional gadgets imprinted with the name of the cause your fundraiser is supporting or the fundraiser’s theme or slogan are memorable options to show off your event. Think in terms of promotional carabiner keychains, tape measurers, or flashlights to give prospective and current participants trinkets they’ll be able to use time and time again.


3)      Multifunctional Pens

Multifunctional pens are ideal marketing tools to use to promote your fundraiser because of their varied usage options. These intriguing designs include items like pen with flashlight combinations, pen and highlighter duos, and digital clock pens. Combination pens provide a broader spectrum of ways for your participants to stay organized and up to date with their office supplies. Promotional multifunctional pen options like these are the perfect way to set your fundraiser apart from other events with handouts that are unique and fully ready for your participants’ every writing situation.


4)      Specialty Pencils

Remember picking pencils out of a prize box as a kid? Custom specialty pencils are still just as cool and are both a kid and adult friendly novelty. Don specialty pencils with inspirational messages to encourage participants to keep supporting your fundraiser’s cause or hand out pencils imprinted with words of thanks to further show your appreciation for your guests. Both mechanical pencils and standard no. 2 pencils will provide you with plenty of organized space to showcase your cause.


5)      Notepads

Lists are everywhere and forever. To support this fact of life, top off your fundraising promotional goods with notepads. Eco friendly options that feature recycled materials go great with fundraising efforts by incorporating environmentally conscious aspects.

Notepads with pen and pencil sets or notepads with calculators are also tremendous options for supporting your participants’ tasks. Gifting notepads to market your fundraiser will expand the reach of your event page by page. This is simple and functional promoting at its finest.

View your fundraising promotion as an artistic act by choosing creatively designed and placed promotional goods. With items made fully custom to your event’s vibes, you can more easily span the breadth of your marketing and increase participation.

Remember: Be deliberate in your promotional product giveaways.

With functional pieces like drinkware, gadgets, multifunctional pens, specialty pencils, and notepads, marketing will be a simple treat for you and your participants. After all, when practical meets promotion in custom style, success is bound to happen.

If you’re ready to take your promotional creativity to the next level, use these product options as a starting ground for your event. You can easily and effectively promote your next fundraiser with custom products specifically designed to help your marketing efforts by clicking here for ideas.