Good or bad, every gift is a reflection of the giver—this is especially true when the giver is a brand.  When what you want is a classic corporate gift that instantly impresses recipients and makes it obvious to everyone that your business is of the best quality, an executive pen is exactly what you need. They’re effortlessly powerful. Whether you use them to commemorate company milestones, celebrate employee achievements or thank clients for their loyalty, these pens are mightier than other gifts. Here’s why.

They Infuse Luxury Into Everyday Tasks

At Pen Factory, our executive pens are exquisitely crafted of prime materials like brass and aluminum. Their excellence is unmistakable. Some boast multiple functions, most have stunning features, ranging from leather accents to gold appointments, and all are designed to exude elegance. With such sophisticated writing instruments in hand, your top clients and employees will feel important and valued. They’ll have you to thank for that for that feeling and they will appreciate you more for it.

They Get Your Imprint In Front of Prospects Every Day

Everybody writes! It’s safe to say that most everyone picks up pen at least once a day—and between uses pens sit perched on desks and table tops in full visibility. Imagine how well your gift will stand out with its distinct design juxtaposed with other, more average pens. Even next to fellow high-quality pens, our unique designs command attention.

Your gift will be hard not to notice and, even better, your personalized imprint is sure to be seen. Customization is the key to making this already wonderful gift a standout promotional tool. At Pen Factory our quality printing process and precise laser engraving will help you transform these everyday items into a perfect representation of your company. We even offer custom luxury gift boxes, protected with outer sleeves, for a presentation that’s worthy of such a premium gift.

They Have Long-lasting Impact

Our executive pens are guaranteed to last. Their durable outer construction houses top-quality, refillable ink. Recipients won’t have to let this gift go, which is a good thing, because they won’t want to. Of course, that also means that your custom branding will enjoy some extra exposure well into the future.

When you give a personalized executive pen, you’re making a great decision for your business and showing the world that you’re here to stay.