patriotic promotional printed products


Here’s to those red, white, and blue, stars and stripes, honorable filled events that are packed with patriotism and pride. Independence Day events and celebrations call for salutatory goodies of all kinds, especially when you get the whole company marketing team on board.

At PenFactory, we give your business cause to celebrate America with a bold selection of patriotic promotional accessories.

patriotic promotional products


Holiday themed promotional products like our Independence Day items will put your event and company on track to meet the needs and celebrations of your consumers. Our catchy patriotic selection of American inspired items includes flag pens and pencils, red white and blue designed dog tags, bottle openers, water bottles, keychains, carabiners, and tape measurers.

patriotic promotional printed pens

Gifts Available In Red, White and Blue

For your patriotic festivities this summer, choose a display of the red, white, and blue stuff to portray the full effect of Independence Day magic. Place your customized water bottles and cups around and fill them with our flag pens and pencils for centerpieces that are bursting with Americana pride. Promotional American themed bottle openers, keychains, and carabiners make for great handouts at Independence Day events and can be one of the simplest ways to keep your event guests’ needs in mind.


4th Of July Picnic

These patriotic promotional accessories are perfect to use at parades, picnics, and meetings as prizes, handouts, auction items, or any other way you can dream up. Each of our quality American themed promotional products comes at a low cost, making them a sensible choice to outfit any events you may be holding or attending.

With the use of holiday themed advertising items like our Independence Day products, you can dream big for your cause and spread the word wherever you may be. Take the time to purchase your company’s custom 4th of July promotional accessories from the Pen Factory to help ensure that your brand is highlighted amidst those grandiose displays of fireworks and proud salutes.

Our festive Independence Day accessories will keep your event décor and giveaways on the ‘in’ with the times and will show your consumers that your business takes great pride in your representation.


American Flag Giveaways

With the affordable prices of our promotional Independence Day products, you can help your crowds celebrate in patriotic style with their well planned, quality goods. In honor of you, America, we salute you and promote thee (and businesses all around) affordably and memorably!