On January 23, 1977, the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association established National Handwriting Day. It’s a day specially created to celebrate the power of having a pen or pencil in hand. It should come as no surprise the Association chose John Hancock’s birthday to honor that power. Hancock, an American revolutionary, is arguably more famous for his handwriting than anyone else in the world. He was the first person to sign the Declaration of Independence, and he signed so prominently that his name became synonymous with “signature.”

In today’s tech-driven world, where keyboards have become the most popular form of communication, this national day is a refreshing statement. It’s also great for your winter advertising. Need ideas on how to celebrate? Keep reading!

Enhance Your Next Promotion

Of course, the one thing you need for handwriting is a pen—or pencil!—and we have plenty of both to give your January specials a boost! Our products range from stylish pens with multiple functions to pencils of all shapes and colors. Prepare for a year of growth and strengthen your marketing campaign with practical gifts that can be used repeatedly. Our custom round pencil is a best-selling item that will come in handy every day!

In-person at a trade show or in-store event, our writing tools will help you achieve the impact you desire. Online, you can post daily deals, offer early bird specials, or have a preview sale to get people excited about your products. Include your custom pen or pencil in their purchase, for free, and it will be a daily reminder of your brand.

Play Up The Trends

With a new year just beginning, you’ll find so many of your customers and employees are focusing on to-do lists or setting goals and tracking them. Paper planners have seen a rise in popularity recently. Now, many people are also boosting their productivity with bullet journaling or taking a mindful approach with a gratitude journal. Research shows that writing things down helps you plan more mindfully and retain information better.

With all of the journaling and planning going on, handwriting matters. People will definitely be on the hunt for a quality writing tool. Have a giveaway that coincides with the trends and gives your customers and employees just what they’re looking for to meet seasonal needs. A powerful multitasker like our Personalized Pen and Highlighter is a must-have for jotting down dates and highlighting important tasks.

Write Something!

There’s really no better time to make a commitment to improving your handwriting, and the best way to do that is just to write. Practice makes perfect, after all. To produce your best handwriting, a good pen is essential.  A pen with a rubber grip, like the Cutey, for instance, provides the comfort and control you need to keep your handwriting at its best. Start journaling yourself, take meeting notes by hand instead of on a laptop, organize a handwriting competition within the office, or write personal notes to customers and employees. Connecting with your supporters on a personal level increases the positive feelings they have towards your brand and, in turn, increases your business. Don’t forget to throw in free samples or items to sweeten the gift. The Spectrum Click Pen is one of our best sellers.

Whatever you choose to do, just don’t let this day go by without taking advantage of the opportunity to promote your brand in a timely and relevant way.