January 23 is National Handwriting Day—a day specially created to celebrate the power of having a pen or pencil in hand! In today’s technology-driven world, where keyboards have truly become the most popular form of communication, this national day is an outright call to return to the classics. It’s a great winter advertising opportunity, too, and we know the perfect way for you to celebrate!  

Customize a Standout Writing Tool

Of course, the one thing you need for handwriting is a pen—or pencil!—and we have plenty of both to give your January specials a boost! Our product offering ranges from stylish pens with multiple functions to pencils of all shapes and colors. Our custom round pencil is a best-seller!

What better way to prepare for a year of growth than to strengthen your marketing campaign with practical gifts that can be used again and again? In person at a trade show or in-store event, our writing tools will help you achieve the impact that you desire.

Online, you can post daily deals, offer early bird specials, or have a preview sale to get people excited about your products. Then, include your customized pen or pencil in their purchase, for free, as a regular reminder of your brand.

Play Into Seasonal Trends

With a new year just beginning, you’ll find tons of people aiming to reorganize, revamp, and get a fresh start on things. To-do lists are being written, goals are being established and tracked, and more people will be on the hunt for a quality writing tool. Research shows that writing things down helps you plan more mindfully, and retain information better. Plus, paper planners have seen a rise in popularity in recent years. Create a giveaway that coincides with the trends and gives your customers and employees just what they need at this time of year. A powerful multitasker like our Personalized Pen and Highlighter is a must-have for jotting down dates and highlighting important information, daily.

Practice Your Signature

It’s no coincidence that National Handwriting Day coincides with John Hancock’s birthday. Prepare for a year of signing contracts, deals and checks by perfecting your personal signature!  Many of our pens come in a variety of stunning colors, like the Cutey for instance, and have rubber grips that provide the comfort and control you need to keep your handwriting at its best.

Write A Thank-You Note

Hand-written notes always make the recipient feel extra special. Take the time to show your most loyal customers or most hard-working staff members just how much you appreciate them. Connecting with your supporters on a personal level increases the positive feelings that they have towards your brand and, in turn, increases your business. Throw in free samples or items, too! The Spectrum Click Pen is one of our best sellers; brightly-colored and sure to please. People will always remember your thoughtfulness and generosity, and who knows, with their new custom pen they may even feel inspired to write a thank-you note of their own!



Write-On! Just Have Fun

The Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association (WIMA), National Handwriting Day’s founder, offers insight and inspiration to honor the writing holiday. WIMA suggests honoring this special day the following ways:

  1. Write a letter. Find a pen or pencil and piece of paper and choose someone to write a letter to.
  2. Practice your “John Hancock.” Fewer kids know how to do a signature because of the absence of handwriting in their school curriculum. Brush up on yours and inspire others to develop their signature. Elegant pens such as The Grace Rollerball Custom Metal Pen makes it more special.
  3. Draw. A huge part of handwriting are the utensils you use to do so. Grab a pencil and sketch a picture!
  4. Start a journal. Starting a journal is a great step through the gateway to consistent handwriting of things that matter to you.
  5. Craft a story. Doing it by putting a pen to paper creates a deeper connection to your thoughts and serves as a way to watch them come to life. Use your imagination!