Certain items are unique and important enough to have a day out of the year dedicated to them. One example is the ballpoint pen, which came into being thanks to Laso and Gyorgy Biro, who obtained a patent in June of 1943 for the writing instrument.

This tool provides a variety of benefits over your average pen, including a longer life span and an easy, clean, and comfortable writing experience. These benefits make them reliable promotional products for companies looking to make a bigger name for themselves. Celebrate National Ballpoint Pen Day this year on June 10th as we show you eight reasons why you should include these pens in your next promotional event.

1. You can use this pen for longer periods of time. Compared to ink pens, ballpoint pens have a longer life span. We offer a wide variety of custom pens in bulk so that you don’t have to worry about running out at your next trade show. When you put your logo on one of our custom pens, you can be sure that your product lasts for a long time, and more people will come in contact with your message.

2. They are cost-effective giveaways. Saving money is a challenge for any business, especially if you’re looking for powerful promotional items. That’s where affordable pens come in. We offer cheap promotional items and styles at special discounts so you can easily reach a large amount of people and stay within your budget.

3. Smooth writing is a piece of cake. The tip of the ball pen is designed to help the ink run smoothly when you’re writing, which allows you to avoid smudged words and overexposure of ink. As a result, you can provide customers promotional pens such as the Oak Pen, which creates words with the appearance of those written by a professional.

4. Your ink dries quicker than with alternatives. The quality ink of customizable ballpoint pens has a fast drying rate. With your personalized pen in hand, customers will create nothing but clean words, and they’ll have you to thank for it.

5. These pens can handle pressure. Regular pens are more sensitive and can bend or break if you apply too much pressure. Thanks to the invention of the ballpoint pen, you don’t have to worry about holding the pen the wrong way or writing too hard. At Pen Factory, we have special offers for a wide variety of durable metal styles, such as the Paradigm Pen, which is available in several beautiful colors.

6. Leaking is not an issue. Nobody wants a pen that is going to leak or drop ink on their documents. Pen Factory’s promotional writing instruments ensure that your customers have the right amount of ink for whatever they write.

7. Water won’t ruin your writing. When customers need to sign documents to buy your products, it’s important to keep the documents in good shape. With ballpoint pens, you could spill water on the documents and the words will appear just as good as if they were dry. This makes record-keeping easy for you and your customers.

8. The design helps your promotion. The barrel of the ballpoint pen provides the right amount of space for your logo. We have ballpoint pens sold worldwide that come in different colors to grab your customers’ attention. The comfortable grip and durable material make these pens easy to use. With a reliable tool, your customers will be able to quickly spread your brand’s message and grow your business.

This year marks the 76th anniversary of the filing of the patent, so make this National Ballpoint Pen Day memorial by offering them to your customers. You’ll be giving them a tool they can rely on, which can help them depend on you for what they need.