We’ve all heard the phrase “the customer is always right.” And while it may not always hold true, it’s certainly a good place to begin when aiming to keep customers happy. After all, customer satisfaction is essential to the success of any business. Studies show that customers aren’t just basing their loyalty on great products or unbeatable pricing. These days a customer’s experience with a brand is what keeps them coming back and what makes them most likely to refer a friend. If customer experience is high on your list of priorities right now—and trust us, it should be—these five tips will help you get it right.

1.      Communicate. Good communication is key! Customers who are clear on what to expect from your brand are more likely to have a satisfied shopping experience. Tell them what you stand for and why they should choose you. Make sure your services, policies and pricing information are easy to access and understand.  To develop a marketing campaign that effectively spreads your message, try including gifts like a personalized bag or custom drinkware. Practical giveaways like these will speak for your brand every day. 


2.     Take Responsibility. Customer loyalty is your job not theirs, so take responsibility for everything your business does—whether it was right, wrong or simply misunderstood. When mistakes happen, own up to them and learn from them. Customers won’t expect you to be perfect, but they will want you to be accountable. Be sure that your product is one you can always stand behind proudly, and make sure that the standards you set are being upheld by everyone on your team. Hire quality employees and equip them with the training and tools they’ll need to provide exceptional customer service.


3.     Show Kindness… and not just to customers. A happy employee is more likely to create a happy customer, so support your staff and build a healthy work environment. It will lead to better business overall! Kindness is a staple of great service. Make sure customer interactions, whether in-store, over a phone, or digital, are lead with a positive, problem-solving mindset. To make existing customers feel special, throw in free samples with purchases or offer other advertising specialties. When meeting potential customers at events, it helps to leave a great impression with seasonal gifts that keep up with trends or trade show handouts that can be used every day—such as a pen or a keychain. Pen Factory has some pretty great gifts for your customers and your employees!


4.      Be Consistent. Customers return to your brand because you continue to meet their needs and expectations; and it only takes one bad experience to shift the way they feel. That’s why it’s so important to show consistency in the level of service you provide, the ways you address customer issues, and the quality of your product.


5.      Ask for Feedback—and then act on it. Knowing how your customer feels is essential to maintaining your customer base and growing it. Allow for customer comments and reviews online, then actually engage with reviewers. Acknowledge positive reviews with gratitude and negative reviews with an attempt to rectify the problem. Take every opportunity to show that customer happiness is important to you.