Social distancing is a big buzzword right now. In the wake of the coronavirus, many teams are making the shift to working from home. Luckily, it’s easier than ever to be effective while working remotely—but for some, this is all-new territory. We want to help you make the transition from office to home seamlessly.

Here are a few things you should consider when planning.

Prioritize Safety First.

Prevention is key. We can all help reduce the spread of coronavirus by taking the proper precautions while working at home. Protect yourself and your family by cleaning and disinfecting high-touch areas daily. This includes countertops, doorknobs, and light switches, as well as your laptops, phones, and other office tools, too. It’s important to keep your home safe.

To help your employees, you can share CDC information and safety advice with them. You might even offer cleaning essentials to help them keep their home offices safe too.

Create a Separate Workspace and Encourage Employees To Do the Same.

Not everyone has a home office, and unfortunately, working from home can mean the lines between work life and home life blur.  Creating a separate workspace helps you maintain that balance and stay productive.  Instead of moving from one space to another each day, set aside a corner in the house and set up shop.  Just make sure you choose a room that you’re comfortable being in for a while, and where you’ll find the least distractions.

Communicate your plan and expectations to your team.

How often do you want to hear from team members? How will work be distributed and how should they report on progress? Will you primarily use email or phone? What about video conferences for meetings? All of that needs to be established before employees begin working from home so they know what to expect and how to work. This is a great opportunity to equip them with communication essentials, such as a pair of earbuds. They’ll come in handy for business calls, or for tuning out distractions.

Prepare Employees with Working From Home Essentials

It’s a good idea to provide office tools to help employees maximize their comfort and productivity while at home. A few small, personalized essentials will show you care and your team will appreciate the gesture. We have some affordable promotional products that will make great home office essentials.  They’ll leave a positive impact on your team without a huge impact on your budget.

Consider journals, like the Capture It journal. Employees can use these to take notes while on calls, brainstorm ideas, or keep track of important information.  

It’s also an ideal time for stress relieving gifts like fidget spinners. They can help employees keep calm and focused, which his something we all need. Choose between customer favorites like the laser engraved Spin It, or the Relaxation Fidget Spinner with your imprint in full-color. Either way, you’ll have a thoughtful gift for employees.

Follow Basic Health Tips

We’ve all seen the reminders about washing our hands for 20-seconds with warm soap and water, or coughing and sneezing into our elbows, but don’t forget how important it is to stay hydrated.

According to the CDC, people trying to get or stay well need to drink plenty of fluids. You can help employees at home with a handy drinkware gift that has measurement markings—like the Gripper Poly-Clear water bottle—so they can keep track of how much they’re actually drinking.

In the end, you’ll see that with the proper planning and a little thoughtfulness, you and your team can remain productive—even if your offices are closed.