The holidays are here, and there’s no better time to give your company a marketing boost!  Customers everywhere are getting their gift lists ready, and the biggest shopping days of the year are fast approaching. You can still make the most of all the excitement! We’ve put together some quick-tips to help you maximize your marketing efforts and give yourself the gift of growth this season!

1 - Make a Marketing Plan

Sure, you may already have a plan, but it’s time to kick things into high gear. Developing a marketing campaign that includes seasonal trends is particularly important if you don’t want to be overlooked. Holiday advertising is not like anything else. Competition for your customers will be especially high at this time of year. You need gifts and ideas that stand out! Post daily deals online and offer early bird specials to those who like to beat the crowd. Show customers you care with thoughtful and practical giveaways like a Phone Grip & Stand or a double-duty pen and highlighter. Pen Factory is sure to have a gift that fits your plan and leaves a lasting impression!

2 - Grow Subscribers

Our philosophy when it comes to customers is: the more the merrier! Optimize your chances of a successful holiday season by starting early with fall diy advertising. Get ahead of the competition! Register for a trade show to spread the word about your company—an eye-catching giveaway like the Stream Deluxe pen will make sure you’re remembered, and introduce new prospects to your brand—or have a holiday preview sale to draw more people in. Show customers what you’ve got to offer and they’ll be coming back all season long—and they’ll probably tell a few friends too!

3 - Highlight the Major Holidays

No matter which holidays they celebrate, everyone loves a good deal. That’s why Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday are so important. These holidays were designed with profit in mind, so take advantage. Just like a Super Bowl team wouldn’t enter the field without helmets, or a World Series team wouldn’t step onto the diamond without cleats, you simply can’t go into your biggest weekend of the year unprepared. Browse the wide selection of gifts that Pen Factory has to offer and find the perfect way to promote your brand. Throw in free samples or items for both your online and in-store customers; it sweetens the deal for them and promises more future success for you.  

4 - Respect the Budget

Be careful not to neglect your budget when looking for the perfect customer incentive. Promotional gifts give back, but your growth won’t matter as much if you had to blow out the budget in the process. That’s why we offer quality gifts at always affordable prices. A functional, everyday item, like the Jackal Pen, this customized pen keeps your company’s message seen while reminding customers how well you serve them. A custom wall calendar will be constantly displayed, keeping your brand awareness growing all through the next year. Long-term promotions at low costs that fit any budget make powerful giveaways at this time of year..

5 - Measure Results

When it’s all said and done, compare the numbers and see what you’ve accomplished. Measuring your results gives you a moment to step back and be proud. It also makes you smarter for next year. Improve where you can; and note the parts of your campaign that worked best, so you can replicate that success.