Topics such as climate change, green energy and plastic pollution are a wide concern right now; so it’s no surprise that more and more customers are calling for their favorite brands to act responsibly. It’s not only about what you can do to benefit your base, but about what you’re doing regularly to benefit the world at large.  Earth Day is April 22nd, and it’s the perfect opportunity for you to show that you’re doing your part as a brand or company. Here are four easy ways you can make a big impact.

1.       Go green at your store or office. It’s easy to start right in your own establishment! Offer an Earth Day discount to shoppers who bring in plastic bags to recycle, then help them start a greener lifestyle with a reusable shopping bag. Printed reusable bags are an effective way to get your custom logo seen and they’re better for the environment, too! You may even want to throw-in free samples or advertising specialties with each purchase to increase the value of your Earth Day promotions and keep customers coming back.


Working in an office setting? Celebrate by treating employees to useful green gifts like the Recycled Pocket Jotter or the Burma Stylus Pen.  These special gifts are an eco-friendly solution, to everyday office needs. They’re handy enough to be appreciated and unique enough to generate a good buzz.


2.       Organize a neighborhood clean-up or planting event. Serve your community by organizing an event that gets people out and involved. You can raise your brand awareness, improve your surroundings, and leave a positive impression on all who participate in or simply hear of your event. Make your impact last longer with cool Earth Day gifts, such as a reusable water bottle to help customers cut back on plastic waste. Our 20 Oz. Value Bottle is an excellent choice, it’s even made from recycled materials itself!


3.       Donate Green. Collect recycled gifts and repurposed items from customers and employees to be donated to a charitable organization. They’ll feel great about their participation and about your brand, too. You can even use recycled products in your next fundraiser to create awareness for your brand while promoting a greener environment. An eco-promotional product is a great way to kick off any Earth Day initiative!


4.       Make a year-round commitment. Our eco-friendly custom imprinted gifts and Earth Day supplies are good all year, so don’t just stop with April! You can raise awareness of environmental protection giveaways and encourage customers to make better decisions moving forward. Once customers know that such eco-friendly everyday items exist, they will be more likely to look for them in the future. Find custom water bottles, pencils, reusable tote bags, 100% recycled journals and much more at Quality and satisfaction are always guaranteed. We have just what you need to power your green marketing program initiatives and make your trade show experience more meaningful.